Hello and Welcome

Ashfield Public School Library is available to the students, teachers, staff and parents of our school community.
The Library is open every day for teacher supervised activities.
The Librarian is at school from Tuesday to Friday.
The Librarian is available from 7.30-5.00 approximately on these days.
Borrowing is available at any time on these days, with your teacher's permission.
Books can be returned at any time, using the POST-BOX at the Library door.
Lunch-time Library is from 1.15 -1.50 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, except in wet weather.

We ask that children have a bag clearly labelled with their names and class in order to protect the books. It is easier for younger children to keep track of their books if they are labelled library bags. The library keeps a supply of spare bags for children to use.
The number of books students can borrow varies, depending on the grade and is subject to the Librarian's discretion.
Kindergarten - 2 Books
Years 1 & 2- 4 Books
Years 3 & 4- 6 Books
Years 5 & 6- 8 Books

Homework Club
This runs on Thursday afternoon from 3.00-4.30.
The Library is available to students at APS only and written permission to attend must be given to the Librarian.
There is full supervision and help from Ashfield PS teachers and tutors from various universities.
All the usual Library facilities are available.
It is expected that students would be completing homework tasks.

About Our Library

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