Mission Statement

To create a library that supports the school community so it is able to gain access to information, acquire knowledge, understand and use resources for personal growth and fulfillment.

Library Aims

  • To foster an environment where children are encouraged and empowered to read.
  • To make the Library an aesthetically pleasing place to relax and work.
  • To assist in developing information literacy skills in students and teachers.
  • To assist in developing the necessary skills to enable children to research effectively.
  • To provide technology skills to complement classroom teaching and learning programs.
  • To provide necessary resources that will challenge and inspire students and teachers alike.
  • To provide staff training and development in the use of information skills.

The __ASLA Report on the Impact of School Libraries on Student Achievement_ states
"Existing research shows that school libraries can have a positive impact, whether measured in terms of reading scores, literacy or learning more generally, on student achievement. There is evidence to show that a strong library program that is adequately staffed, resourced and funded can lead to higher student achievement regardless of the socio-economic or educational levels of the adults in the community ..."

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