This page gives you some interesting links to Australian places, activities and events.

Australian Culture
Find out more about your country
Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Guide to Australia lots of interesting facts about different aspects of Australia.
What does our country look like?
Some interactive objects to help you learn more about Australia
Behind the news
A street directory for Australia
BIG objects
What is the Melbourne Cup?

Web Wombat
The original Australian search engine
Animals (Check out science and technology page for more sites)
Australian Animals
There are many events and celebrations throughout the year. Here is some information on some of them

ANZAC Day/World War 2
What does ANZAC mean?
An introduction to ANZAC Day for Early Childhood.
A great site for guiding students through information about war.
Classroom Activities
Worksheet based on information from Department of Veterns.
A short history of Australian nurses in World War 2.
A Biography of Irene Drummond
A fun trivia on Australia in World Wra 2.

10 th February 2013 Year of the Snake
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Some children's activities.

How is Easter celebrated around the world
Some Easter games and craft activities.

Federal Government's official site.

Harmony Application
Harmony Application
2013 Theme Many stories One Australia


The Hindu Festival of colours
Holi in 2013