Years 1 & 2 will complete the tasks using the Pathfinder to help them.The teachers and the Teacher Librarian will help you find the information you need.
This pathfinder is designed to help you find out about 4 special celebrations that will happen in Term 1.

Chinese New Year


St. Patrick's Day


1. Defining

What do I have to know?

You need to know when Chinese New Year is and why it is celebrated?
You need to know why Easter is celebrated by so many different people?
You need to know when St Patrick's Day is and why it is celebrated?
You need to know when your birthday is and explain how it is celebrated.

What do I need to put in my report?
You need to complete the table on Celebrations.
You need to draw pictures showing the celebration.
You need to write a sentence about each celebration.

2. Locating

Where can I find the information?

Here are some key words to help you understand what you are reading:

celebrate-mark with or engage in festivities, perform a rite or ceremony
festival-day or period of celebration, series of cultural events.
festivities-celebration, party
rite-religious or solemn ceremony or observance.
parade-public procession
party-social gathering, coming together to celebrate.
decorations-things that are used to decorate like balloons, pictures, signs.
food-specially selected food can be used for celebrations.
entertainment-entertaining, thing that entertains,performance.
invitations-asking someone to come to a celebration.
customs-special behaviours for certain times.
clothing-clothes, sometimes used for special celebrations.

Here are some useful links for you to follow:
Click here for Websites about celebrations
Click here for Books about celebrations


What information do I really need to use?

Read the information carefully.
Look at the pictures.
Click here for the Proforma for Celebrations

4. Organising

How can I best use this information?

Select the information that best matches the headings in your chart.
Collect information about your Birthday by asking people at home.
Use the Library to help you.


How can I present this information?

You will do your work on the computer using Kidpix.
Remember to check your spelling.
Use the paintbrush and stamps to make your pictures interesting.


Blue Needs improvement
Red Developing
Green Satisfactory
Orange Above Average
Purple Outstanding

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