Here are some links that will be helpful in learning to understand about ELECTRICITY
Wind Water Sun- Creating Electricity
Electric Circuits
What is electricity?
How electricity works
This activity introduces the electric current, parts of a circuit, battery, conducting, resistance, light, heat, etc.
How does electricity work?
From TheTech.
Activities to explore static electricity
A page which has activities and links to static electricity.
The Energy story
What is Electricity?
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers virtual museum
See exhibitions: Socket to Me: How Electricity Came to Be and The Beat Goes On: How Sounds are Recorded and Played. The exhibitions also include details of the lives of related inventors.
Using electricity
Activities to introduce everyday objects that need electricity to work.
Theatre of electricity
A site which looks at history of electricity, lightning and teacher resources.
The Electricity book
Looking at simple circuits.
Changing circuits
How power stations work
From BBC.
Learn about light
From the General Electric company.
The Energy story
Kids Saving energy

Wind Water Sun -Creating Electricity

Inventors Life of George Westinghouse

Did Thomas Edison really invent the light bulb?
This page examines the role of Thomas Edison, Joseph Swan and George Westinghouse in the early development of the light bulb and electrical power.
AC-DC: What's the difference? Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse and the early development of AC and DC electrical power.
George Westinghouse


Lightning From Web Weather for Kids.
Lightning Information about lightning and related topics such as thunder, electricity, experiments etc.Safety
Electricity: safety in the home From AngliaCampusfor Teachers
Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Authority Hydro electricity, the environment and education

A pathfinder (American) suitable for Stage 2.

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