NAIDOC will celebrated from 6th -13th July 2014

Here is a collection of sites covering different facts about our Indigenous People
A comprehensive Indigenous timeline

Rainbow Bird: An Aboriginal Folktale From Northern Australia
Rainbow Bird: An Aboriginal Folktale From Northern Australia
Rainbow Bird
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Recommended Aboriginal legends and stories

How important are wet and dry environments to the Aboriginal people?
A wonderful website exploring Indigenous Australia's history and culture. Listen to one of 20 stories from cultures of Indigenous Australians and hear the translations. Select the link 'About Indigenous Australia' and learn more about Australia's original inhabitants. A guide for students that has links to factsheets, an Indigenous dictionary and hints for finding information on the website. A great resource which is easy to navigate and understand.
A pathfinder on Aboriginal People and Water-how water is used.
Learning bout how Aboriginal people care for water.
Bush Tucker

Reconciliation Week

Held between 27 May and June 3 each year, these two dates are important for both indigenous and non-idigenous Australians. Reconciliation means to working towards a better relationship with each other. For Australians, it also means accepting the past - especially when thinking about how the British settled Australia and not thinking that the land actually belonged to the Aboriginal people.
On 27th May 1967, a special vote was held in Australia called a 'Referendum'. On this day, most Australians voted to have sections removed from our 'Constitution' (a country's basic rules) that did not treat indigenous people the same as non-indigenous people. This is called 'discrimination'.
On June 3rd 1992 it was accepted in court that Aboriginal people did have rights to the land in Australia before the arrival of British settlers in 1788.
Each year there is a different theme - in 2012 it is:
" Let's Talk Reconciliation"
Australian Government Culture site
Building relationships for change between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.
This site gives some information about the Cadigal and Wangal people.
... This website is a source of information covering the history of the Cadigal and Wangal people and the land that they inhabited for thousands of years.
This site has excellent information on famous Aboriginal people as well as Indigenous technology.

Bemel Gardoo Where the Salt water meets the Land
APS Stage 3 Students' Project and Webquest

Aboriginal Art

Dreamtime Stories
Teachers resource