This page has been created for parents and carers with the aim of providing easily sourced information.
It may include facts about the education system, understanding what goes on at school, helpful websites, health concerns, book recommendations, handy hints on how to help your child.

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Department of Education Information

// Ezine magazine for parents Transition to School

Cyber Bullying

Clicks for information about cyberbullying
This site contains practical information and advice about keeping kids save online.

Handy Hints Having trouble getting children settled and ready for bed. Reading a story is a great way to calm children and spend quality time with them. This website gives you some tips that may help as well as recommending some great stories.

Sydney For Kids A list of places suitable for kids to visit in Sydney. Programs offered at Sydney Opera House for kids School Holiday activities at Olympic Park.

Health Issues

This site gives information about allegies including an action plan for anaphylaxis.
The Asthma Foundation gives lots of information about this disease.

This site gives information on diabetes and what to do with children and teens.