Before you begin to do any research remember these steps
  • Defining What do I really want to find out?
  • Locating Where can I find the Information?
  • Selecting What information do I really need to use?
  • Organising How can I best use this information?
  • Presenting How can I present this information?
  • Assessing Have I completed the tasks successfully?
**The Big6**
The Info Worm can also help you become a super searcher.
A quick checklist to guide you in finding relevant information using websites.
1.Is it clear who has written the information?
2.Are the aims of the site clear?
3.Does the site achieve its aims?
4.Is the site relevant to me?
5.Can the information be checked?
6.When was the site produced?
7.Is the information biased in any way?
8.Does the site tell you about choices open to you?

Proforma on Web Evaluation for Primary grades