For You to Consider Before Starting To Search.

‚ÄčNo single search engine should be used for all types of search.
Quality may be defined in terms of speed- how quickly the search engine finds and presents its results;
Presentation what information the seach engine provides on each website it retrieves;
Coverage how widely it searches to find relevant sites.
An effective search strategy is one that is based on the purpose and need of the searcher.
Reference: Herring, J. (2004)The Internet and Information Skills, facet publishing
Practical information and advice about keeping kids safe online.

Some sites to help evaluate web pages
Kentucky Virtual Library-how to search for information effectively.
A site that gives advice on how to use different seach engines.

Some effective search engines

An advanced search tool that offers 3 different results for your query. Owned by Ask Jeeves.
"fetch" and cluster results, attracts younger students
Google largest index results ranked by general popularity with "blind spots".
A Librarian's index page-'thinking person's Yahoo" with weekly updates.