This page is designed for both teachers and parents of students with special needs. There are a number of sites available which will give some great hands on activities and references for special education.

There are resources in our Library which cover a range of topics including Who Will teach my Child?, Helping people with Special Needs and Extending Children's Special Abilities
This site gives details of special education services throughout Australia.
An information site for parents and teachers providing useful links to community services.
Information on course offered at Macquarie University for studying special education.

A site for teachers giving a numbers of practical ideas.
NSW Board of Studies site supporting teachers of students ith special needs. site on special education.
This is the Mathematics K-6 support document for students with special education needs.
A number of sujects are covered on this site with a suitable range of activities for special education needs.
Some interesting resources on visual aides and autism.
Suitable site for fine motor activities and free visuals.
Go to activity exchange for great visual communication activities and worksheets.
This site shows some great communication and visual resources.